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Custom software development

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We design, build and scale cloud, web and desktop applications to streamline internal processes and alleviate mundane tasks using an agile approach.



Amazing lightning-fast desktop applications utilizing C#, Javascript (Bootstrap 4, JQuery, AJAX and JSON), SQL and Microsoft Visual Studio.
We will help unify your disparate processes through a set of integrated business apps customized to your business requirements.



Universal and global web development utilizing the latest programming technologies are the core of our business.
We develop applications which are tailored to the needs of your end-users via a browser interface and designed to reach your business goals.



We provide powerful cloud-based solutions via Microsoft Azure utilizing Azure Tables, Azure Storage and Azure Cosmos DB to help leverage the benefits of cloud or hybrid environments.


What we do

to fit your needs.

At Create My Software (CMS), we develop custom software applications and products for small and medium sized business. These applications automate mundane tasks and streamline processes to improve the overall efficiency of the organization. We congregate disparate processes into seamless workflows.

Since 1996, we have worked with more than 150 customers across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico. Our talent has experience working with companies such as Bank One (JPMorgan Chase & Co), A.G. Edwards, Edward Jones, Bloomberg Television, Underwriter Laboratories (UL), Navy Marine Corp Internet Project (NMCI), ATMOS Energy, Raytheon Technologies, AOL, Countrywide Financial, J.C. Bradford & Co., Payne Webber, UBS, Direct General, Loews Vanderbilt Hotels, National Seating and Mobility, Tachi-S Automotive Seating and Kasai North America (KNA).

Worked with these brands

Jason Cantrell CEO

Jason Cantrell


To drive the cost planning analysis (ROI) and development of software solutions for small and medium sized business. Our focus is on Process Improvement (PI), which will automate routine business processes and alleviate mundane user tasks.


Development process

with support

Step 1

Research and Discovery

Step 2

ROI and Cost Analysis, Project Mapping, Cost Estimation

Step 3

Design and Prototyping including mockups for user stories

Step 4

Development and Implementation

Step 5

Testing and Quality Assurance

Step 6

Maintenance and Support


How we can help

your pain points

Outdated Experiences

Are there ideas that you have on how to reach your goals efficiently? Are certain tasks downright painful to follow or perform?

Automation is essential.

Manual Processes

Are your employees hindered with performing repetitive, mundane tasks?

Streamline processes.

Disconnected People

Are certain processes in discreet silos? Is there a need for work to flow across departments, supporting all involved, with timely access to critical data?

Connect the disconnected.

Unquestioned Expenses

Does your operation lose both time and money on antiquated processes or tasks? How could customized, solution-driven software eliminate or reduce the costs of yesterday’s thinking?

Simplify the complex.

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